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On September 18, 2004, the Quincy Hill Gang celebrated their third reunion picnic at Darren and Sharyn Tallman's home at 501 Thirteenth, at the foot of Quincy Street. Sharyn is the Parkersburg councilwoman of the district that includes Quincy Street and Quincy Hill. Among the attendees were Shirley Wilson Smith, Jean McCauley Calebaugh, Janice Meves Kocher, Karen Meves Berry, Myrlin Meves Ruth, David Stutler, Bob Dawson, Jim Dawson, Carol Dawson Mace, Linda Harper Blankenship, Cecil Harris, and various spouses and neighbors. In addition to their yard (which in the fifties contained the house at the foot of Quincy Street where Kista Jean Rogers and her family lived), the Tallmans graciously supplied a disc jockey (Rock ’n’ Roll Richard), a border collie that amused the crowd by running in circles, a pot of homemade chili, and a friendly atmosphere. Members of the Quincy Hill Gang brought plenty of food and drink, a reunion cake, 1950s chewing gum and candy (from a New England company that specializes in retro products), and a festive mood (even though fewer than expected showed up). The day turned out to be a beauty, even though the Ohio River was at its highest flood level in decades and menacing other communities up and down the river, including Marietta and Belpre. (Parkersburg was protected, of course, by the floodwall—which upon closer inspection, however, has sprung a few leaks, says Jim Dawson, who walked from the Second Street gate to the Fifth Street bridge the following day.) The Gang would like to thank Sharyn and her family for generously offering their home and helping us celebrate old times on Quincy Street.

The Meves sisters--Myrlin, Janice and Karen--greet the gang.
The corner of Thirteenth & St. Mary's is in the background.

Front row, left to right: Carol Mace, Jean Calebaugh, Myrlin Ruth, Karen Berry, Janice Kocher,
and Shirley Smith.   Back row: Cecil Harris, Bob Dawson, Dave Stutler and Jim Dawson.

Now even the neighbors are showing up. Everyone's in front of
Darren and Sharyn Tallman's house at Spring & Thirteenth.

Looking up Quincy Street from Thirteenth. The gang has been so rowdy
that the Parkersburg Police had to show up and knock a few heads.
Compare Quincy here with the Quincy in the 1950s photos.

David Stutler stands in front of his boyhood home at 436 Thirteenth Street, at the foot of Quincy.   Jean McCauley Calebaugh says hello.

Karen and Janice Meves talk with hostess Sharyn Tallman.

This article ran in The Parkersburg News several days after the picnic.


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