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On Saturday, September 21, 2002, the Quincy Hill Gang held their first reunion at Mountwood Park, a few miles east of Parkersburg off Route 50. What originally brought them together was Shirley Wilson Smith seeing an article in the Parkersburg News about Jim Dawson’s website of vintage Parkersburg photos, particularly the QUINCY STREET page. Shirley, who once lived at 1220 Quincy across the street from Dawson, contacted him, and that in turn led to several people who grew up around the bottom of Quincy Street fifty years ago getting in touch with each other and agreeing to meet whenever enough people could make it into town.

The day was warm and overcast, but the Quincy Hill Gang made quite a day of it, with plenty of picnic goodies, cold beer, tall tales, cold beer, and plenty of reminiscences tinted by nostalgia and cold beer. All agreed that the Quincy Street they saw in the 1950s black & white photos on Dawson’s webpage was a lot bleaker than they remembered.

Twelfth Street (412 Twelfth, to be exact) was represented by the Meves sisters:
Janice Meves Kocher of Troy, Michican
Karen Meves Berry of Ona, West Virginia
Myrlin Meves Ruth of Webster, Florida
along with their respective husbands Noel, Bob and Bob.
Emmy Lou “Em” Leeton Bilott, formerly of 435 Twelfth, showed up from Dayton, Ohio, with her husband Ray.

  Janice and Karen Meves visit their
old house at 412 Twelfth Street in
Parkersburg, WV.

Quincy Street was represented by local residents Shirley Wilson Smith (with husband Randall in tow)…
Her brother Jim “Red” Wilson (with wife Gerry)
Bob Dawson (and wife Kay) from Live Oak, Florida
Jim Dawson (the baby of the group, who had flown in from Los Angeles for his 40th high school reunion).

Bob Dawson and Shirley Wilson Smith share lies and faulty memories.

Jim Dawson, groggy from no sleep
and living on California time.
  Jim and Gerry Wilson take it easy.

Gary Knopp of Vienna and Phil Blackwell of Washington, WV, were honorary members.

Karen Meves Berry, Gary Knopp, Gerry Wilson, Kay Dawson and Randall Smith.

Other Quincy Hill veterans who couldn’t make it this time but promise to be at the next reunion are:
1. David Stutler, who lived at 436 Thirteenth Street (the restored house which still stands at the corner of Quincy) and now resides in Edmund, Oklahoma.
2. Alan “Gibby” Reed, who lived at 437 Twelfth Street (at the northwest corner of Quincy) and now lives in McAlester, Oklahoma.
3. Susie Reed Pinkerton, Gibby’s sister, who now lives in Waterford, Ohio
4. Mary Francis Riggs Southhall, who lived on Avery Street facing up Twelfth St., and still resides in Parkersburg.
5. Jan Compton, formerly of 1208 Avery, who now resides in Gramercy, Louisiana.
6. Fred Helfer, formerly of 814 Quincy, who now lives in Nashville.
7. Anna Washington, who still lives at 422 Bush Street.
8. Kista Rogers Kershner, formerly of Thirteenth Street, who now lives in Allentown, PA.

People we’re looking for are Jack Webb and his brother Frank Webb who lived at 1105 Quincy; Jerry Martin (1105-1/2 Quincy); Tom Meintel (813 Quincy); Myrna Witt and Larry Witt (512 Tenth-1/2 Street); Janet Brown (Quincy); Linda Harper (1222 Quincy); Bill Fout and Kenny Fout (1210 Quincy), John Bush and Dick Bush (Eleventh Street), Harold Ward (422 Twelfth, then later Quincy), Patty McCutcheon and Janet McCutcheon (Twelfth)

Janice Meves xmascook@aol.com
Karen Meves klberry@citynet.net
Shirley Wilson saswilly@charter.net
Jim Wilson jimbo121@charter.net
Bob Dawson bdkddaws@alltel.net
Jim Dawson jimddddd@aol.com
Emmy Lou Leeton benzybot@aol.com
David Stutler jdstutler@cs.com
Gibby Reed bravebutt2@yahoo.com
Susie Reed susie0320@aol.com
Fred Helfer fredhelfer@comcast.net


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