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The Dreamers & The Blossoms

The Dreamers was a group of girls from Fremont High School who first recorded in 1954 with Richard Berry. Members of the group later sang with The Pharaohs on several of Berry's later records, including the original "Louie Louie." After singing under various other names, including The Rollettes, the group evolved into The Blossoms, featuring a new singer named Darlene Love. The Blossoms recorded under their own name, recorded for Phil Spector, and performed as backup singers for such artists as Tom Jones, Dick Dale and Elvis Presley.
The Blossoms during their Capitol period. Clockwise from lower left: Nanette, Fanita, Gloria and Annette.

Gloria Jones (left), Darlene Love (right) and Nanette Williams (second from right) party with Bobby "Rockin' Robin" Day (behind Nanette) and his wife Jackie.
The Dreamers visit Johnny Otis in 1954.
Left to right: Annette Williams, Nanette Williams, Fanita Barrett, Gloria Jones, Pat Howard and Jewel Cobbs. Cobbs and Howard sang only on the "Bye Bye" and "Daddy Daddy" sessions.

In 1954 Richard Berry, who recorded for Modern/Flair as a solo artist and as the bass singer for The Flairs and The Crowns, brought a new girl group to Joe Bihari, who ran Flair Records. "There were about seven girls, they wanted to sing as a group," Berry told Jim Dawson, "but they didn't really have a lead singer. So I started working with them, writing some songs, and I took them in to record with me. We did 'At Last' and 'Bye Bye,' which sold a lot of records.

"When we went back into the studio later, there were only four of them: Gloria Jones, Fanita Barrett, the twins Nannette and Annette [Williams], and Johnny Coleman from The Crowns was there too. That's him singing bass on those Dreamers records. That's when we did 'Daddy Daddy,' 'Baby Darling' and maybe 'Together.' Flair put out 'Jelly Roll' as a Dreamers record, but that was The Cadets, before they were The Cadets."

"Bye Bye"/"At Last" was released in August 1954 under The Dreamers' name without Richard Berry's name on the label even though he sang lead. Subsequent Flair releases were as by Richard Berry & The Dreamers.

Randy Jones with The Blossoms


As by The Dreamers*
Flair 1052 Bye Bye/At Last 1954
As by Richard Berry & The Dreamers
Flair 1058 Daddy Daddy/Baby Darling 1955
Flair 1075 Jelly-Roll**/Together 1955
RPM 477 Good Love/Wait For Me 1956
As by The Dreamers/Later reissued as by Jennell Hawkins & The Dreamers
Flip 319 Do Not Forget/Since You've Been Gone 1956
As by The Rollettes
Class 201 Sad Fool/ (instrumental B-side) 1956
Class 203 More Than You Realize/Kiss Me, Benny 1956
As by The Echoes+
(Darlene Love, Marzetta Freeman, Ed DeVold, Harold Grayson and Elmo Jones)
Combo 128 Aye Senorita/My Little Honey 1957
As by The Blossoms
Capitol 3822 He Promised Me/Move On 1957
Capitol 3878 Little Louie/Have Faith in Me 1958
Capitol 4072 Baby Daddy-O/No Other Love 1958
As by The Playgirls
RCA 7546 Hey Sport/Young Love Swings the World 1959
RCA 7719 Gee, But Iím Lonesome/Sugar Beat 1960
As by The Coeds
Challenge 9109 Son-In-Law/I'll Wait 1961
As by The Blossoms
Challenge 9122 Write Me A Letter/Hard To Get 1961
Challenge 9138 The Search Is Over/Big Talking Jim 1962
Challenge unreleased I Gotta Tell It/The Gospel Truth 1962
Ode ZS7-101 (promo) Wonderful/Stoney End 19__
Ode ZS7-125 Stoney End/Wonderful 19__
Okeh 7162 What Makes Love/I'm in Love 1963
Reprise 436 That's When the Tears Start/Good Good Lovin 19__
Reprise 522 Deep Into My Heart/Let Your Love Shine on Me 19__
Reprise ____ My Love/Come Home Lover Boy 19__
MGM 1435 (UK) You Got Me Hummin/Tweedle Dee 19__
Pama 814 (UK) Stand By/Soul and Inspiration 19__
Mojo ___ (UK) Touchdown/It's All Up to You 19__
Epic 8-50434 Walkin On Air (stereo)/Walkin On Air (mono) 1977
As by The Crystals
(Darlene Love, Fanita Barrett, Jean King)
Philles 106 He's a Rebel/(instrumental flipside) 1962
Philles 106 He's a Rebel/I Love You Eddie*** 19__
Philles 109 He's Sure the Boy I Love/(instrumental) 1962
As by Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans
(Bobby Sheen, Darlene Love, Fanita Barrett)
Philles 107 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/(instrumental) 1962
Philles 110 Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts/(instrumental) 1963
Philles 113 Not Too Young to Get Married++/(instrumental) 1963
As by Darlene Love
Columbia 07984 He's Sure The Man I Love/ ? 1988
Philles 111 Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry/(instrumental) 1963
Philles 111 Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry/Playing For Keeps+++ 19__
Philles 111 Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry/My Heart Beat A Little Bit Faster+++ 19__
Philles 114 Wait Til' My Bobby Gets Home/(instrumental) 1963
Philles 117 A Fine, Fine Boy/(instrumental) 1963
Philles 119 Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)/(not on B-side) 1963
Philles 123 Stumble And Fall/He's A Quiet Guy++++ 19__
Philles 125 Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)/(not on B-side) 1964
Philles 125X Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)/Winter Wonderland 1965
Warner Spector SPS 0410 Lord If You're A Woman/Stumble And Fall 1977
Warner Spector SPS 0410 (deejay) Lord If You're A Woman/Lord If You're A Woman 19__
Duane Eddy With The Rebeletts
(The Blossoms singing background)
RCA 8087 (Dance With the) Guitar Man/Stretchin' Out 1962
RCA 8131 Boss Guitar/Desert Rat 1963
RCA 8335 Guitar Child/Jerky Jalopy 1964
As by The Wildcats
Reprise 02531 What Are We Gonna Do in '64 / 3625 Groovy Street 1964
*Though not listed, Richard Berry sang lead on both sides.
**The Dreamers were not on this side; the vocal group was The Cadets.
***B-side is by the regular Crystals, not The Blossoms.
+Darlene Love did not sing lead with The Echoes.
++Darlene Love sang solo lead on this side.
+++Of the two different vocal flip sides, "Playing For Keeps" is the more common one that shows up.
++++Released as a DJ copy and a regular stock copy. It was later withdrawn and the number re-assigned to The Ronettes "Walking In The Rain."
Philles X Christmas EP
    1. Sleigh Ride - Ronettes
    2. The Bells Of St. Mary - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans
    3. White Christmas - Darlene Love
    4. Santa Claus Is Comming To Town - The Crystals
Ace CDCHD 258 R&B Confidential: The Flair Label
(Contains "Bye Bye.")
PS Records 7118-2   Back to Mono (Phil Spector box set)
(This 4-CD set contains released and unreleased cuts by Darlene Love,
as well as her Crystals and Bobby Soxx & the Blues Jeans cuts.)
Ace CDCH 355 Get Out of the Car
(This Richard Berry CD contains the Flair and RPM tracks plus
a Crown album track, "Please Tell Me.")
Ace 829 The Dreamers: They Sing Like Angels
(Contains all their Flair, Flip, RPM and Class sides.)

Thanks to John Grecco and Danny Feeney for their help with this discography.

These are only a few of the recordings the girls sang on. If you have any corrections or additions to this discography, let us know.

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