Such things as fame occasionally happen overnight but, more often, take years of hard work. For Aynee Osborn it's been five years of playing and writing and it's paid off in the release of her Country-Town debut album, Fall Into Place. During that time, she's had her share of "character-building" moments, singing over televised basketball games and alcohol-fueled conversations. This singer/songwriter also managed to work on her craft and form very strong bonds with writing partner Hugh Cline and other like-minded musicians, as well as develop a devoted following of fans who can be counted on to show up wherever she's performing.

Her songs, in live performance and on the new Country-Town album, reflect an honesty and a passion for life that sound almost timeless in a period when so much music seems to have such a short shelf-life. Maybe it's those Midwest roots (Nebraska raised though born in Northern California) or the nomadic time she spent knocking around the West, Hawaii and Europe, but Aynee (pronounced Annie) has stories to tell as a writer and the voice to tell them.

It was in France, of all places, that Aynee began singing professionally, working in a Parisian supper club, which was a sure-fire way to have dinner. She next landed in Los Angeles where Glen Frey of the Eagles heard her and recommended Aynee for a job singing in a club in Aspen, Colorado. "The gig at the Club Andiamo went on for months, and it gave me a chance to sing everything from Cole Porter to Patsy Cline. It was a great opportunity." When the job ended, she came back West to California and began doing some session work with legendary '60s producer Paul Rothchild (the Doors, Butterfield Blues Band, Janis Joplin, ec.).

Since forming her own band, Aynee continues to play many of the clubs on the ever-changing Southern California circuit. Some famous ones like the Palomino and Club Lingerie have folded, but new clubs like the popular LunaPark and one of the oldest L.A. clubs, Molly Malone's Pub, have been favorites for Aynee to play. She and her co-writer/guitarist Hugh Cline, drummer Denise Fraser, and bassist Ravi Knypstra have a tight bond and it shows during their performance, which can be counted on to draw a crowd. They also have played live on such hip L.A. radio stations as KXLU and KSCA. She recently made her Austin debut also, playing at the annual SXSW music conference.

Joining Aynee, Hugh, Denise and Ravi on Fall Into Place are fellow musical travelers Will Ray of the Hellecasters, Jeff Dellisanti from the Young Dubliners and Paul Rothchild's son Dan who produced the Better Than Ezra disc and also plays in the band Tonic. Fall Into Place is available through record stores or on the Internet at www.countrytown.com. Aynee is a talent that is sure to be around for many years to come.



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