UPDATED: 7-8-2012    
by Jim Dawson

THIS REBEL BREED (1960) - photo #5

How realistic was Warner Bros' 1960 teen drama, This Rebel Breed? Well, a young Dyan Cannon played a mulatto girl passing for white, Mark Damon played a black Latino in brownface, and Bunker Hill was billed in the studio press releases as East Los Angeles, the city's Mexican-American barrio. But in a scene where white hoodlum Richard Rust confronts Richard Laurier about dealing drugs, they're definitely at the benches at the top of Third Street on Bunker Hill Avenue. That's the Alta Vista Apartments on the right and Third Street heading west in the distance (#1), and in the reverse shot (#2) that's the McBurney house at 256 S. Bunker Hill behind Laurier. It would later be the home of serial killer Indus Arthur in Angel's Flight (1965). A longer scene was shot at the corner of Third Street and Grand Avenue: Rita Moreno visits a doctor's office at 523 W. Third (photos #3 and #4), then walks west past the Lovejoy Apartments (#5) and turns the corner onto Grand Avenue (#6), where the Dome Hotel Apartments are visible a block away.


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