UPDATED: 7-8-2012    
by Jim Dawson

Alta Vista Apartments

The white Alta Vista Apartments at 255 S. Bunker Hill Avenue loomed above the western end of Bunker Hill's Third Street tunnel. John Fante lived there during the Depression in a room on the bottom left, and later wrote about the place (calling it the Alta Loma) in his 1939 novel, Ask the Dust: "It was built on a hillside in reverse, there on the crest of Bunker Hill, built against the decline of the hill, so that the main floor was on the level with the street but the tenth floor was downstairs ten levels." In 1950 director Joseph Losey shot several scenes inside and outside the Alta Vista for his film noir classic, M. To the right of the building are the park benches at the top of Third Street, which appeared in several movies, including M, Angel's Flight, This Rebel Breed, and Little Shop of Horrors.   (Photo taken from Kent Mackenzie's Bunker Hill 1956, courtesy of Milestonefilms.com.)


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