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DOO-WOP SOCIETY SHOW #40 (5/4/2002)

Show #40, held at Long Beach's Petroleum Club on Saturday night, May 4, 2002, will go down as one of the most low-key concerts in the thirteen years of the Doo-Wop Society. Only one act, The Five Boroughs from Florida, was on the bill, backed by its own band of musicians. Attendance was light, no more than 200 people, perhaps because The Five Boroughs performed at an earlier DWS show (#27) in early 1998. As usual, the music was fantastic.

The Five Boroughs
L-R: Bruce Goldie, Frank Iovino, Steve Ward, Brian Daly, Siobhan Daly and Dave Strum
  The Five Boroughs
L-R: Steve Ward, Brian Daly and Bruce Goldie
  The Five Boroughs
L-R: Steve Byzcek, Frank Iovino, Steve Ward and Dave Strum

Clearly this was a show for doo-wop aficionados more interested in tight, soaring harmonies than in star power. The Five Boroughs is often billed as a supergroup, but in fact its better known vocalists hail from lesser known (but well loved) groups. The Five Boroughs' earliest recordings are the ones they made for Classic Artists Records only a dozen years ago, including Dave Antrell's "Heaven and Cindy," which has appeared on several international doo-wop anthology CDs. But the one big thing that The Five Boroughs have going for them is their solid professionalism, gained from two decades of performing steadily together.

The vocalists at our show were Johnny Sorrentino, Bruce Golde from The Dreamers, bass singer Dave Strum from The Excellents (of "Coney Island Baby" fame), keyboardist/vocalist Steve Byzcek, Frank Iovino from The Bob Knight Four, Steve Ward, and married couple Brian and Siobhan Daly. Added to the revue for this night were Val Poliuto from The Jaguars and Al Sanchez from The Storytellers.

If you missed Show #40, you missed a great concert.

Al Sanchez   Val Poliuto


Song Lead Artist
1. Sleepwalk Victor Giardino, guitar
2. Ruby Baby Johnny Sorrentino
3. Lorraine Johnny Sorrentino
4. This I Swear Johnny Sorrentino
5. That Was the Time Johnny Sorrentino
6. Two Friends Bruce Goldie
7. Sixty Minute Man Dave Strum
8. I Only Have Eyes For You Steve Byzcek
9. The Way You Look Tonight Val Poliuto
10. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Al Sanchez
11. Good Good Bye Frank Iovino
12. Heaven & Cindy Brian Daly
13. Lucky Old Sun Brian Daly
14. One Too Many Lies Siobhan Daly
15. When I Fall in Love Siobhan Daly (acappella)
16. Heart's Desire Siobhan Daly (acappella)
17. Maybe Siobhan Daly
18. My True Story Steve Ward
19. Gloria Steve Ward

At this point, Board Member Ray Regalado went onstage with a plaque from the Doo-Wop Society and presented it to Val Poliuto, who was playing keyboard with the group. Val was a member of The Jaguars of "The Way You Look Tonight" fame and The Hitmakers. During this tribute, Bobby Adams from The Calvanes and The Hitmakers came up onstage to say a few words about his many years with Val, and to salute Val's wife Virginia, who had been a supporter of the groups back in the 1950s. At this point, Val, Bobby and the group sang The Hitmakers' "Chapel of Love." Then we went to Intermission.


Song Lead Artist
1. Harlem Nocturne Earl Catron, saxophone
2. Since I Don't Have You Johnny Sorrentino
3. Falling in Love Johnny Sorrentino
4. To Make a Long Story Short Johnny Sorrentino
5. Life Is But a Dream Johnny Sorrentino
6. Oh What a Night Bruce Goldie
7. Twistin' the Night Away Tim Myer (bass player)
8. Sh-Boom Val Poliuto
9. Gee Al Sanchez
10. Darlin' You Frank Iovino
11. You Belong to Me Brian Daly
12. Because of You Brian Daly
13. Trickle Trickle Siobhan Daly
14. Secret Love Siobhan Daly (acappella)
15. Over the Rainbow Siobhan Daly (acappella)
16. A Simple Prayer Siobhan Daly
17. Unchained Melody Steve Byzcek
18. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Steve Byzcek

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