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Eugene Church
Eugene R. Church was born January 23, 1938, in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was pastor at a church at 5th Avenue and West Adams. Though he was a beautician and beauty shop operator by trade, Eugene is best known for his brief stint as an R&B artist in the 1950s, beginning with his partnership with Jesse Belvin (with whom he dueted under various names). In 1958 he recorded a Top 40 hit, "Pretty Girls Everywhere," backed by Belvin, Gaynel Hodge and Tommy Williams, then overdubbed further with female voices (all of whom were credited as The Fellows). Later on, Church pursued a career in gospel music in Texas. He died in Los Angeles on April 16, 1993.

poster Doo-Wop Society fans remember Eugene Church's appearances at Show #9 on April 14, 1991, and at Show #12 on February 23, 1992.

Eugene (left) hangs out with Jewel
Akens ("Birds and the Bees") and
Bobby Day ("Rockin' Robin") at a
1990 Doo-Wop Society show.
Eugene performs at DWS Show #12 in 1992 with
Richard "Louie Louie" Berry (sailor hat), Tony Allen
and "Earth Angel" writer Gaynel Hodge.


Modern 987+ "Girl of My Dreams"/"I Wanna Know Why" 1956
Modern 995+ "I'm in Love (With a Girl)'/"My Desire" 1956
Specialty 604++ "Open Up Your Heart"/"How Long" 1957
Knight 2012+++ "Deacon Dan Tucker"/"Little Darling" 1958
Class 235* "Pretty Girls Everywhere"/"For the Rest of My Life" 1958
Class 254** "Miami"/"I Ain't Goin' For That" 1959
Class 261 "Jack of All Trades"/"Without Soul" 1959
Class 266 "The Struttin' Kind"/"That's What's Happnin'" 1960
Rendezvous 132 "Good News"/"Polly" 1960
King 5545*** "Mind Your Own Business"/"You Got the Right Idea" 1961
King 5589 "That's All I Want"/"Geneva" 1962
King 5610 "Light of the Moon"/"I'm Your Taboo Man" 1962
King 5659 "The Right Girl, the Right Time"/"Pretty Baby Won't You Come on Home" 1962
King 5715 "Time Has Brought About a Change"/"Sixteen Tons" 1963


Credited to The Cliques (Eugene Church & Jesse Belvin)
Credited to Eugene Church, but this is a group effort, with Jesse Belvin and
brothers Gaynel and Alex Hodge. It's probably Church's best doo-wop record.
Credited to Jesse Belvin (Eugene is in a vocal group on side 1 and duets with
Belvin on side 2)
Credited to Eugene Church & The Fellows. Charted #36 Pop/#6 R&B
Charted #67 Pop/#14 R&B
Charted #19 R&B
Ace CDCHD 336 Jesse Belvin: Goodnight My Love
(Contains both Cliques singles, plus "I'll Mess You Up" and "Once Upon a Time," which were released only on LPs)
Specialty 7049-2 Hardcore Doo-Wop: In the Hallway-Under the Street Lamp
(Contains "How Long" and "Open Up Your Heart")
Ace CDCHD 461 The Class & Rendezvous Story
(Contains "Pretty Girls Everywhere," "Miami," "Good News" and "I Ain't Goin' For That)
Relic 7139 Golden Era of Doo-Wops: Class Records
(Contains "Pretty Girls Everywhere")

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