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Diz Disley, seen here playing guitar behind his good pal Ray Campi (left), is known to the jazz world for his work with Stefane Grappelli.   However, he has also had a dual career as an artist.   For many years he was illustrator for the British music weekly Melody Maker.   Here we present four pieces that are representative of his current work, courtesy of Ray Campi.

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The exclusive US agent for the art of Diz Disley is:

Second Street Gallerie
1524 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Voice: (310) 394-3752
Fax: (310) 394-3086

line drawing

Want to hear Diz's guitar playing? Here's an MP3 of "France," a song written by Diz Disley and Ray Campi. This is an unreleased demo featuring Ray on vocals and Diz on lead guitar. Click on the song title to listen.


Diz also plays on a RealAudio clip that is on
the Esperanza page.


Diz with Ray Campi 8-13-95         Diz with Ray Campi & Carl Perkins 1997



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