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In looking over a reprint of Billboard magazine of August 19, 1957 (from Now Dig This, August 1997) I find it ironic that the reviews of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day" and my own record "It Ain't Me" are back to back.   For it was in September of 1957 that Hal Fein of Roosevelt Music Publishing invited me to New York to promote my new release and we both went to the Brooklyn Paramount to meet Allen Freed, who was presenting a Little Richard show.

As we walked into the crowded theatre, we saw Buddy and the Crickets performing on stage.   They were one of the opening bands that evening.

A year later I talked to Buddy by phone at his home and discussed a song I wanted him to hear, never imagining that his time with us was to be so short.

The record I sent Buddy was my new single, "My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi."   This 45 was in Buddy's personal collection at the time of his death, and when it was later sold by Sotheby's, the famous auction house, it commanded a good price.   In the liner notes for one of my CD's, my good friend Jim Dawson remarked:   "Finally, a Ray Campi record turns out to be valuable - but only because Buddy Holly owned it!"


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