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Perennially ignored or rejected by the major record conglomerates and their executives who continue to this day to glorify and promote the 1960's drug culture, anti-social misfits and sexual explorers of every variety, Ray Campi's recorded music appears on over 30 recordings in Europe and Japan. This feat was accomplished with almost no financing or promotion but with lots of faith and help from Ronny Weiser whose home studio and Rollin' Rock record label brought Ray's music to the public in the 1970's.

Ray has become a role model for youth who admire him for his playing, songwriting, revival of great obscure songs, and for helping keep honest forms of music alive through his record producing. He does this with almost no hope of making moeny or of acceptance from a hostile music industry in the US. Young music fans around the world know he is one of the few to speak out and criticize the perverted music industry and the major label presidents and their $100.00 lunch, hot-shot producer cronies. Ray Campi's high-powered stage shows are sellouts and often he has been taken off the bill with major label hippie bands once his opening set has stunned them by showing how how unmusical, unprofessional in showmanship and appearance hey are, and how they are no match for a dedicated seasoned performer.

To his credit, Ray has devoted only part of his life to music, for he has been a full-time junior high school teacher with the Los Angeles school system. For over 25 years Ray has taught a variety of subjects including English, drama, physical education, media techniques, US and world history and has been a positive influence on his students.

Since Ray's recordings are rarely released in America, you are fortunate if you have one. Enjoy it! I think you'll agree that for too long his talents have been ignored by a major label dominated record industry in the US; an industry possessed with no-talent misfits. It seems their primary concern is to force on youth, through radio and TV, anti-musical role models more obnoxious than Vlad the Impaler.



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