UPDATED: 2-27-2008
BIG JAY McNEELY: The Big Horn (book cover photo)

The cover of "The Big Horn" booklet, a part of the 4-CD Proper box-set of 100 R&B honker recordings, featured Bob Willoughby's famous photo of Big Jay playing at the Olympic Auditorium in late 1951. The kid in the middle of the photo (with the yellow shirt in this hand-tinted photo) is Marty Clark, who reunited with Big Jay at a Toluca Lake gig (at Crazy Jack's) in 2002. This photo has been displayed at museums all over the world, and appeared in a 2008 issue of Newsweek. Willoughby, who now lives in France, was mainly a Hollywood photographer whose photos of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and others are now classics.


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