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WORDS & MUSIC:   Earl P. Reinhalter

      I.  people say I'm very strange
          to keep holding on to a dream.
          but my father said:
          she's the one you'll wed.
          and I can't change it now.
          not gonna giver her up.
          don't know how to stop.
          and I'm not really wanting to.
          I know her ways
          and where she stays.
          and when she plays,
          I see who comes and goes.

     II.  through the screen I see her there
          as she serenely combs her hair.
          gonna wear my name -
          like a hurricane.
          ill winds disturb the shade.
          walkin' a crowded street,
          callers pound concrete.
          who put up this barricade?
          give me a bomb,
          an Uzi gun,
          arrows or a hand grenade.

 BRIDGE:  they come from all around.
          they all want her hand:
          men from Cyprus,
          men from Ireland,
          even a rabbi
          and a medicine man.

    III.  got a new kid on the block,
          looks like a white Mohawk.
          girlfriends come and go, day by day.
          torn shirt and leather socks;
          four megawatt jam box.
          earth quakes when the loud voices say:
          they say:
          hey ho (hey ho)
          hey ho (hey ho)
          hey (hey), hey (hey)

     IV.  lots of women on the street
          cook good meals that you can eat.
          next door, all around the world, all aboard.
          they got water, they got air.
          what do you mean you can't live there?
          breath in, breath out - cut the chord.
          they say:
          hey ho (hey ho)
          hey ho (hey ho)
          hey (hey), hey (hey)

© Copyright 1988 Earl P. Reinhalter.   All Rights Reserved.



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